Data Privacy

This website creates cookies (small files containing user-specific data) on your computer for the sole purpose of saving your personal preferences such as the language selected. This data remains on your computer and will not be transmitted to any third party.

In addition, the web hosting provider stores information on your access to the website (date and time, amount of data transmitted, IP address, web browser and operating system) in the form of so-called server log files. As a rule, such files are deleted after 7 days.

The website does not use any additional technologies (such as Google Analytics or social media buttons) to track your activities or forward information on your activities to third parties.

Under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to inquire for more detailed information. If in doubt, please contact me.

Price calculator

The price calculator uses JavaScript to calculate the amount of text and estimate the fee when you paste text into the input box. This information as well as the contents of the input box remain on your computer and are not transmitted to the web-hosting server or to any third parties.


Any texts or other information you may send me in the course of commissioning or executing a service will be treated strictly confidential. This also applies to the results of my work, unless you publish them under a license that grants me a right to use them.

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