Document Design

dokumentdesignThere’s a world between a quickly typed-up draft and a printed book or brochure. It’s your world, because most of the documents authored by scientists don’t fall into the ‘book’ category. What you do regularly publish – for the attention of your colleagues, funding authorities and the scientific community – is somewhere in between a plain text file and a bound volume. It used to be called grey literature, but colour is not an issue anymore.

Among the things I can offer you are

  • Professional typography, image processing and artwork
  • Microsoft Word® and OpenOffice/LibreOffice document templates tailored to your needs,
  • Formatting and merging of individual contributions,
  • Layout and pre-press production,
  • PDF files optimised for printing or online presentation.

Go online!

If you wish to publish on the internet, we can set up a website and give it the same look as your text documents have.

I prefer WordPress as a content management system for small and medium-sized projects. WordPress is intuitive and easy to use for you once we have finished the setup and design of your website. For large projects that require a lot of maintenance I cooperate with a full-time web designer who will attend to your site over the long term.

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