copy-editingCopy-editing is not just about correcting typos and grammatical errors. That’s obviously part of it, but a scientific editor does more than that. As your editor, I’m in the position of a critical and unbiased reader, scrutinising your text with technical understanding and a feeling for language before you publish. Such examination will eventually result in

  • Better read­a­bi­li­ty with re­gard to your tar­get audi­ence,
  • Making your text more consistent and eliminating ambi­guities,
  • Perfecting your style while main­tai­ning your per­so­nal note,
  • Giving advice on how to struc­ture your paper, sug­ges­ting cross head­ings, cap­tions and foot­notes.

I am able to justify the changes I make and willing to discuss them with you at every stage of your project. The good thing is that this won’t cost you any extra fees once we have agreed on a per-line rate. I will work until your text is in the shape that best meets your requirements.

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