Translation fees are usually charged per line. My standard rate is €0.80 for a 55-character line, including spaces. Prices may be higher if your subject is very special and may also depend on the quality of your source text and the availability of substantiated word lists.


I prefer to charge per-line fees also for copy-editing jobs, as it is a very transparent method of pricing. You can usually expect a rate between €0.15 and €0.40 per line, depending on the scope of modifications to be made. Other pricing methods may be negotiated.


Due to the varied nature of creative services, prices will have to be agreed on individually. Please contact me for more information.

Price Calculator

For services paid per line, you may use the price calculator to get a first estimate of the cost. Select a rate, paste your text into the area below and click ‘Compute’. You can paste the contents of entire text documents (MS Word®, OpenOffice, PDF) from the clipboard. Pictures and formatting will be stripped from the text, and any clusters of spaces, tab characters and line feeds will be reduced to single spaces.

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