Interpreting Our Heritage

Freeman Tilden (1883-1980) was a pioneer of environmental and cultural education in the US National Park Service and one of the first people to set down its principles and theories in writing. His 1957 book Interpreting Our Heritage is still considered a standard in the field today.

I go upon the assumption that whatever their reasons for coming, the visitors are there. What we should determine, then, if we aim at establishing our flrst principle of Interpretation is: now that the visi­tor is here, in what will be his chief interest, and inevitably his chief interest, while he is with us? The answer is: the visitor’s chief interest is in whatever touches his personality, his experiences, and his ideals.

My contribution: Translating the book into German. The German version, entitled “Natur- und Kulturerbe vermitteln – das Konzept der Interpretation”, is available from Oekom Verlag.

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