Being a teacher myself, I was looking for a way to facilitate online learning during the COVID-19 lockdown and eventually developed this program. It is only available in German so far, but can be translated into other languages in a few additional steps.

Drahtschule is a web application for teachers that enables you to create online documents (called worksheets) and send them to your students using a link. It is controlled by a server and runs in your web browser.

Worksheets may contain information, such as text, images, audio tracks and videos, and various kinds of tasks (multiple-choice questions, clozes, writing tasks, matching tasks). Students can solve these tasks in their web browsers and, when finished, send the filled-in worksheet back to you by clicking a button. You can then correct and comment their solutions and allow them to download those corrected worksheets.


  • Nobody has to print anything (although worksheets can be printed if that’s what you want).
  • No need to install any special software. The only thing you need is a web browser.
  • Students don’t have to download and search through files. All data is managed by the server and delivered directly to their web page.
  • Students don’t have to sign up.

Terms of use

Drahtschule is free and open-source software under the conditions of the GNU General Public License v3.

For teachers

You will find the teacher’s page at drahtschule.de/?lehrer. If you wish to try out the program, go there and log into the testing account using the following credentials:

Please do not use the testing account for real classroom activities. Everything you create and edit there can be read and, possibly, deleted by others.

If you would like your own user account, write me an E-Mail. You may use the program free of charge up to a memory limit of 100 MB on the server.

For schools

You can install the program on your own server. However, installation and maintenance require a little technical knowledge at the moment. An installation package to make this easier is under way.


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